Discovering the underwater beauty

                 I together with my older siblings Christine and Carlo planned to have a siblings bonding last year. I remember it was summer vacation and a double up celebration because my older sister will graduate from collage taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in biological Science while my older brother Carlo finish it’s 2 year course in technical and vocational strand and me myself was about to face the tough life of being a Senior High School Student.

And before they face the life of being true professionals , they treat me in The Manila Ocean Park and conducted our very first siblings bonding. We all pack early as what papa suggest us to avoid irritating heat of the sun and the traditional traffic that was experience everyday.

    Fortunately,  We arrive at the  place with no hassle and as we are looking for C.R. my siblings and I notice the grand ship that was park at the back of The Manila Ocean Park and it was really beautiful and fascinating though we proceed to the real attractions.

    So we proceed to the ticket booth and according to the ticket, Oceanarium was the first attraction to be open and the dome like structure greeted us upon entering the park and I was able to but and treat myself some snacks from the different restaurants sprawling near by.

                                     Oceanarium let us see the vast beauty of the underwater . It was so magnificent to the point that you can see the fish up close by its not too long and not too short tunnel . however, because of poor quality camera our shots in that attractions is not so good because we are not allowed to use flash. Also the exhibit of the fresh marine fauna was so wonderful and base on fun facts it inhibit our lakes and streams.

                        The next attraction was Baruha which means reef in English . It’s exhibit was plenty of clean , clear blue lighted fish tanks that let you fully view marine life in all there glory.

                         After that , we proceed into the third attraction which is the jelly fish show. Iam so fascinated at little and big jellyfish that was translucent. The small jellyfish are color red while the big or should ai call it moon jellyfish vary in different color life lemon green, blue and pink.

                           Unfortunately, only 5 attractions are available at that day namely the Oceanarium, Baruha, Jellyfish Show, The fish spa and The sea lion show and because My Ate Cristine hate fishes because it made her feel itchy we proceed to the last but not the least sea attractions which is the sea lion show.

 The whole family would surely enjoy this because the sea lion showcast some tricks and was able to respond in every question of the trainer and it was really fun and exciting to watch live.

                    Actually I never felt being tired that day because Iam so happy, I really did. We all eat at the nearest fast-food restaurant and eat . I highly recommend this place if you want to have a fun  and exciting moment with your family, friends or even special someone.

Photo by : Manila Ocean Park, Philippines

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“For Every Action, There Will Always Be A Reason”

“Having limits to push against is how you can find out what you can do” because we always wanted to push ourselves from the farthest limitation we can reach, since for us, it is the only way to attain the true journey of life. The real adventure starts when you get out of your comfort zone. Thus, as a Filipino we have many beliefs in life that is often fallowed not just in our very own home but also to the whole community. In as much as, it brings positive and negative consequences. We have this superstitious behavior that we are not aware of. For it was practice since birth by the people that surrounds you called, family and that’s how the operant conditioning by B.F skinner enters.

             B.F. Skinner believes that superstitious belief is a persistent behavior that has a coincidental and not a functional relationship to the reinforcement received. For example, Rits believe that the bracelet her wear during exams brings her luck, owning the fact that every time she wear it she got high scores in exam. Which is purely accidental because what If she did not study.  She just may get a passing or below passing score in exam even she wear that bracelet. It is a genuine proof of her hardship and yet because she wear that particular bracelets on exam. All the accounts on her success were given to that thing. Same thing on how we see a cat in our way home and referred it as a bad luck or something terrible might happen because as a Filipino like as we have many superstitious beliefs that we live in. It is now a part of our culture but somehow, it is also a part of us. We fallow this beliefs because it give us a feeling of satisfaction that, what if its true? There’s nothing bad in following. It may do good when it was not fallowed.

            I also believe to the position of Skinner about self-control.  In which, it the ability to exert control over the variables that determine our behavior and I can serve a living proof to this assertion. I always go away to something that makes me mad to avoid cohesion. For example, my younger brother will play his toys and scattered it in the entire sala area where I study that really brings up the tiger in me. in order for me to avoid the trouble I will locked  myself in the room and when he’s done playing . I will just fix the toys he scattered because for sure, by that time he is in his friend house to play. I will teach him a lesson using a positive reinforcement and punishment. By punishing him for he did not fix his toys but if he did not do the same thing again I will gave him a reward that he would surely like. I can say that it is very effective in my siblings even though before I don’t know that there is a term that describes to the act I am doing and I am very glad about it.

            Because of Skinner’s Theory I better understand the world around me. On how my father gets a salary by fixed ratio schedule of reinforcement in which there will be a specific time on how he will receive his salary which is every 15th and 30th of the month. In addition to that , I realize that there is always a term and explanation for the things we did. That for every reaction there will be a hidden reason to it.

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The Unchoosen Ladder Toward Genuine Success

According to Abraham Maslow “If you want to study how fast can people ran, you study not the average runner but the fastest runner you can find. Only in this way it is possible to determine the full range of human individual” in as much as his theory cycled in satisfying lower needs before the higher needs to fulfill ones own potential at the highest level possible.         

I have a distinguished adoration towards this theory because it allows us, to fallow the step-by-step process on how to be self-actualizing individual. It was like a step-by-step procedure on how we can achieve our dreams. There will be obstacles that will challenge and will shape you as a human person. There will pain, troubles, trials and successes that will serve as the spices of your journey. Furthermore, it will test you on what you can sacrifice in the name of a genuine success. Will you step back or continue? The choice is all yours.

As a student like me, I have longed for love and belongingness not just in our family, but also in our society. The enthusiasm to be accepted and to be love .As well as the eagerness to know and to be understand  are one of the main reasons why I am still moving. Why I keep fighting the battle I have fought for.

I can reminisce the time when I am still a junior high school student in my beloved alma mater. I am very dedicated to be the leading student of the class, that is why I am giving the very best I can give in everything that I have done. I stay late nights studying the next lesson to be discuss by my teacher in our succeeding meetings. Owning the fact that I want to prove to every body that I am not a loser. That I can also get a line of 9 grades like as what any honor and achiever student in our school . I want them to witness me climbing at stage with my parents conquering the world. To ratify them, that this person they’ve called idiot is the same person who graduated the best in class of her batch. And my journey toward my dream is not pretty easy. I had been rejected many times and down by lots of people not just ones. but here I am standing still, not minding what other people would say because, I realize that they are not the who will suffer if I will lose or if  I  will win. It is a battle from within. Are you going to listen to them and stuck at the same position you have been right now? Or are you going to move up and go fighting for what you believe in. And fortunately, I use to continue the battle to which I believe in. Luckily, all the hardships where paid off as I am just not proclaimed the best in class but also I receive many awards in different fields I engage into. I receive not just an acceptance but also the love of my family in which I will always treasure of.

Despite of that, I can honestly tell to everyone that I am not on the point that I reach the self-actualization, which is the highest of all the hierarchy because for you to be able to achieve it, you must first satisfy the lower needs which is physiological, safety, love and self esteem needs.  Because as what Maslow had stated that for us to be genuinely self-actualize we should all be concerned with fulfilling our potentials and understanding our environment. As well as our main goal should be to enrich our lives by acting to increase tension to experience a variety of stimulating and challenging events.

That only means that we should open ourselves to possibilities. To new experience and never be scared in failure, because failing is normal. It is only inadequate if you keep repeating the same mistake you did a while ago. It will not just be worth it, if you cannot move on to the place where you had slept into. Stand up and show to the world that you girl is on fire that no matter how the world drags you down you are there fighting for what you had believe in .

You should embrace in what they so called the metamotivation. Get yourself strong not just physically but also from within. Never ever doubt yourself for the God haven’t put you from where you are now for no reason. I know that you cannot please everybody but at lease, never get intimidated to what they say. They are only jealous for they know that you are near enough in achieving your dreams. Keep fighting, and never stop moving no matter how slope the way could be. 

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Reflection:Different faces

People throughout the world are move by the desire to be reborn and that is to reach self realization, nirvana, heaven or perfection. They want to achieve a balance between all aspects of personality and to be able to contend both external and internal world.

             We all want to attain the tittle of Psychologically Balance individual and the only way to accomplish this is to achieve the realization of the self., minimize our persona, recognize our animus and acquired a workable balance between introversion and extraversion.  Maybe most of you are familiar to what I am talking about and yes! You are correct. It is one of the most popular psychodynamic theories of all times. It is the analytical psychology theory or most commonly known as the “Psychology of Opposite” by none other than Carl Jung. It was being summon like that, since it tackles two opposite things to attain of what we call “self realization”

             Carl Jung and I have similarities in common especially in how our live went down and went well. We are like trees that belong to the same family and a cloth made out of the same fabrics. Carl Jung, like me was the oldest child in the family but unlike him I have so much expectations to meet. Different from him, I was not born or raised by my parents with so much tender and care.  They uplift me to be independent. To stand by my own and to handle myself by my own. Unfortunately, I was different, I was not a fast learner which tend to appear to them that I was a below average child so they punish me every time, I commit mistakes. Thinking that by that, I will change, I will grow. However, they were wrong it just cause me to make more mistake than the first one. That uplift their anger even more, They will yell at me  and I, will just stare at one corner , not knowing why I am punish, without even have a grasp of what I have done wrong. Despite of that, I love my family. My source of strength, my inspiration.

             You can never get out of me , the fact that ‘ Have I in any moment of my life wish to have a better family, A home where I can feel the love,, the tender care and a great apprehension of every member of my flesh and blood”. I will not lie on you, and my answer is yes. Besides, How can a child love a family of whom she considered a nightmare of her life . A life full of punishment. But then my grandma made me realize that God has a purpose for every pain that I encounter.

             Apart from that, it is the main reason why I took the course of Psychology To understand myself better, and to know myself better not just as an average individual but a a creature of God who will contribute an exceptional knowledge to the world.

             In addition to that, Carl Jung and I had both raised by our parents with opposing beliefs. My mother was a member of a religious group named Iglesia Ni Cristo and my father is a religious protestant of Roman Catholic church. They may be different on what they where fighting for, but it is just both a Christian beliefs. who believe that there is one great entity referred as God who saved us from our sins. Maybe you are thinking that “I used to love the theory of Carl Jung because we somewhat , had a same biography” but honestly, I didn’t. I never wish in any moment of my life to experience the same childhood that I had gone through. Cause, I am telling you, it’s tragic!

             I love the theory of Carl Jung because we share the same beliefs In life. Like you need to first know how to balance your external and internal life. Recognize the persona (persona is a kind of personality you’ve shown to people. Most of the inhabitants of our planet in what you so called earth referred it as being plastic. But it was definitely wrong. Owning the fact that all of us act differently in different conditions. Just on how we act differently on our home, and how we act on school or even at parties. So don’t cleanse yourself , as if you are not like that. Because all of us, have different role’s to portray to cope to the unending demands of our society.) Conquer the shadow (Jung allude it as the bad side of ourselves) . unite the three to attain self realization.

             I know that all of us dream to be the actualize version of our selves. But before you obtain that kind of state you need to first overcome your fear of unconscious, accept your dark side and then master an even greater courage on facing your animus. I perceived that it will all be hard for us,  to face our greatest fear. but believe, it would all be worth it.


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Silverlining beneath an oblivion

Its hardly been made to conquer someone tears

To face the reality and even my fears

Thinking how far that I might be with myself all alone in this journey…

But in the end I just realized, there is just one key

A key to open up my fears and sorrow

And defy it cause time cannot be barrowed

I felt alone in this dark path that was all along from the start

Then you came along and guide our way with our hearts

A bond that we both share is what make us tough as rock

An unbreakable wall that even an unstoppable force cannot knock

Love that is molten by time and passion

Surviving each trial and holding the triumph is our mission

A journey beyond a lifetime that’s our goal

Though a step one can take must be dreadful

But within this scenario we will stood with faces held up high

Carrying the burden without complaints or even a sigh

Through all the hardship that a fight that may get

What a heart can feel and express can no longer acknowledge the word forget…

It may be impossible to reach a perfect life with someone

But at least, life of failure would be more meaningful with something done…

It may be coldhearted or even there’s an intention to end everything…

Thou rocks wouldn’t be a diamond without its sparkling

Disregard the hatred and negative emotion

Because there will always be a silver lining beneath an oblivion

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  I can still remember the day . The day when I was just a little girl crying in the darkest corner of the school and at that very moment of my life, I started to hate myself. I hate myself for being ugly, for being stupid and for being me.

        I hated myself for being insecure and frightened .I hated myself when I shrink as I saw the school bullies menacingly standing in the gates mocking my size and personality and it was really hard for me. It was really hard for a nine year old girl who supposed to enjoy school with her friends but I thought that being happy is just a fantasy. Illusion that will never turns into a reality. They will never admire a girl like me. A weird little girl who has no friends and nothing to be proud of with . Iam alone and lonely as I hold my diary . I was left and neglected but who cares? Who has the guts to care? My world breaks down as I hear the long silence. No one—

        So at that day, I made up to myself. I want to be strong like any other superheroes. I want to be the hero of my own . I want to save myself , for being trapped into this tragic situation. I want to be mighty hoping that it will overshade my fragile personality . Or even, One superhero will find me and knockout the school bullies but no one know and see my diary, It was perfectly hidden in my room as a hidden tale of hurt.

      I have been bullied and called in different names like ” the kibang” to lepong , from Ita to Intoting tomboy but, I just smile, that’s why people think it comes easily but it doesn’t.

        Why our society is composed of judgemental people. That when you’re black you will labeled as ugly, low class and a non member of society while when your texture is white. You will be admired and love thus,most of them think  that you came from a rich or belongs to a well known family. “Mestiza eh” as what they say. Why they need to see the imperfections and not the good trait of one person.

          Why? When they say it’s important for us to express ourselves and when the moment we make choices like what clothes to wear, what toys to play with or activities to pursue, society try to define us. This is for girls and this is for boys. They separated us neatly into boxes and anyone who doesn’t fit to that box will considered strange or indifferent.

          That’s what happened to me. I was labeo as ugly because my texture is black, and I was judge being weird because I  like boy stuff and when the time comes, that I couldn’t resist and stand by it any anymore I asked my mother Why most of my classmates see me indifferently ? ” They are only jealous to you” my mother replied.

          But I don’t understand. Jealous ? Jealous of what? There’s nothing to me to be jealous with!  And then one day , one of my teacher saw my classmate called me intoting tomboy . I thought my teacher will save me, that he will serve as my superhero and he will try to stop the bullies and send them to guidance office to learn there lesson about their mischievous act. But I was wrong , He just keep and remain silent as he continue to discuss the lesson.

          And If I would be given a chance to talk to my former teacher , I would ask him why? Why didnt he do anything to help me or any of the other kids who were being bullied every day? But then, I wonder If they even knew how to help or even if they understood how important it is to help. They might think it’s just being kids , but it’s more —. They could save somebody’s life.

         I went home, cried and write in my diary . Perhaps, it would be nice to say one day I fought back the bullies but I don’t and as the time passes by I was being dreaded thinking what will they do next. Everything becomes a big deal to me up until one day I was given up an opportunity to tell up a story and as I recite the story my teacher notice my great potential in story telling and eventually he hired me as the new President of the story telling club. It helps me to boost my self confidence that I can do better and was found Iam good at it.

         I joined many competitions such as Math- inik, science quiz bee (team Category)  ,   balagtasan etc. And  bring some medals in school that I can considered as one of my achievements.

         And soon the bullied part of my life suddenly fades as I realized something. That being true to myself has been the hindrance to please others. That I work hard to be someone who can make other people happy, but I was wrong. That no matter how I compromise to some people they will never understand what I feel and what I was fighting for. That accepting the reality gives me a new level of comfort and freedom.

Open letter to the friend I lost…

How have you been? This is the question, I wanted to asked everytime I’ve seen your facebook post, twitter and instagram updates. But I didn’t because, I am so full that I can’t entertain any negativity that you wanted to share to the world. Sorry for being weak enough to handle all your battles. Sorry for being self centered enough for fighting with my own. Sorry because in the process of being the best version of myself I lost you.

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I witness everything

I have witness of how her eyes cry over alphabet and numbers

I have witness even a single thing that she never forget what’s the matter

I have witness. I witness

I witness how her mother tied her hand and feet.

How she cried and went to sleep
I witness her scar that lost her in the deep

She wanted to leave and go alone

She wanted to run away from home

She was scared and forget to be a warrior of herself

No one trusted her. No one believed in her and all she hear was laughter

Her teacher scolded her

Because she doesn’t get the lesson
That was teach over and over

She was hit by a stick

Because that is everything she could afford to offer

So the other day she cut her class and didn’t showed up

But I pushed her out and told her

That I was there and will never leave her, all she has to do is to believe

So we keep each other’s company that seems forever

She learned to smile and she learn to fight the battles of her own…

Until one day..

She saw a recognition invitation on the table

But her uncle slap her hand and smile because he believed…

That the child in front of her, doesn’t even know the meaning of it.

So she promised herself that one day…
She will bring a medal that will empress her father.

She gets on the top by being second to the highest score.

She do some recitation but never forget that it’s over.

Until she went to highschool….

Where her classmates thought she was a geek.

Because she always studied and avoid sleep.

She even love to read the stories of roman and greek

That made her to be the top one and reach the peak.

Day comes that she was about to reap.

All the sleepless night and hardwork that turns out to be deap..

Where she was about to walk to the stage of success

Where it should be the day of the brightest.

No one attended her. There was. But not her father.

The sky begins to dark and the rain pours as well as her sadness.

Because that day. She felt that no matter what she did.

She will never get the loved she longed since october.

I have witnessed everything.

And that day I witness her sorrow

I witness how the medal of her own became invaluable.

I witness everything, because I was her—–.

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