The next time you asked for help
And ignore the person who volunteer herself
Just so you can dwell to it easily
Because your important to her lavishly

Thats why you take her for granted
Hang her there whenever you wanted
And used her whenever you needed
As if she owes you the world you never founded

It may be okay for sometime…
But it will not work everytime
Because she is a human too..
That will give you what you want in a count of two.

She gets tired for being unappreciated
Because doing a thing for  the person whose not deserving
Putting all your efforts in that kind of a thing
Is a time wasted… Wasted.

It’s not as if, I want something in return
It’s that I just want to hear some thank you
To the person whom I not own a penny or turn…
To the person that initiate to ask for help and that is you…

Photo by:uhhospital.org