I witness everything

I have witness of how her eyes cry over alphabet and numbers

I have witness even a single thing that she never forget what’s the matter

I have witness. I witness

I witness how her mother tied her hand and feet.

How she cried and went to sleep
I witness her scar that lost her in the deep

She wanted to leave and go alone

She wanted to run away from home

She was scared and forget to be a warrior of herself

No one trusted her. No one believed in her and all she hear was laughter

Her teacher scolded her

Because she doesn’t get the lesson
That was teach over and over

She was hit by a stick

Because that is everything she could afford to offer

So the other day she cut her class and didn’t showed up

But I pushed her out and told her

That I was there and will never leave her, all she has to do is to believe

So we keep each other’s company that seems forever

She learned to smile and she learn to fight the battles of her own…

Until one day..

She saw a recognition invitation on the table

But her uncle slap her hand and smile because he believed…

That the child in front of her, doesn’t even know the meaning of it.

So she promised herself that one day…
She will bring a medal that will empress her father.

She gets on the top by being second to the highest score.

She do some recitation but never forget that it’s over.

Until she went to highschool….

Where her classmates thought she was a geek.

Because she always studied and avoid sleep.

She even love to read the stories of roman and greek

That made her to be the top one and reach the peak.

Day comes that she was about to reap.

All the sleepless night and hardwork that turns out to be deap..

Where she was about to walk to the stage of success

Where it should be the day of the brightest.

No one attended her. There was. But not her father.

The sky begins to dark and the rain pours as well as her sadness.

Because that day. She felt that no matter what she did.

She will never get the loved she longed since october.

I have witnessed everything.

And that day I witness her sorrow

I witness how the medal of her own became invaluable.

I witness everything, because I was her—–.

Photo: Pininterest

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