I heard enough

I heard enough

I heard you whining that day

Cry and cry like a child

Whose afraid to go to wild

And burnt himself in hay

I heard you shouting in your room

High, low—- high and low— voices.

Like you want to hit it with a broom.

Because you heard nothing but her crunches..

I heard you throwing tantrums

Because the flower you once grow

Never changes and stop to glow

Like a lost passion in players drums.

I heard you laugh and laugh

Thanking God because you found her

As you glaze through her eyes, that is wide and clear

Seeing nothing but gloom without drough

I heard the tiny little air when you smile

That I haven’t seen for a while

As she eats her favorite food

Though its hot but for her its good..

I heard and seen everything

Of how it changes and how it glows

Of how everything becomes nothing

And how the beauty in your eyes stop yo glow

I have seen enough….

I heard enough

P.S. A tribute to the person whom I lost but will always be remembered

Cover Source: Pinterest

#love #poetry #dailypoems #livelifelove #poem about love

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